Vacheron Constantin Replica UK Continues The Twelve Zodiac Legend

Since 1845 onwards, Vacheron Constantin on the indissoluble bond with China. At the same time, this piece of land that contain a rich history and culture and folk customs have become a source of Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches inspired many, including the legendary Zodiac watch is the Chinese people during the holidays by posting art of evolved.

The new co-operated by Horse Replica Bell & Ross Watches engraver and enamel division made the choice of pink gold or platinum material crafted, limited edition of 12 each. Horse carving pattern dial central location was very fine, with great accuracy, whether or horsehide mane can see a clear trend texture, thickness less than one micron, showing a tangible artistic vision. Horse body symmetry, vigorous figure, but it is poised ready to stand in a circle pattern among the leaves, as if ready to break out of sapphire crystal Benz. Leaf pattern portrayed with the same clever mind, its shape designed to mimic traditional Chinese icon by half embedded design etched directly on a gold dial is made. By careful combination of different shades of relief, creating a deep sense of making leaf pattern stand out since the dial.
After the completion of such a fine careful carving, dial design stage officially entered the big fire enamel. At this stage, the enamel glaze enamel applied by the master for several layers, Replica Watches UK and fired at 800 to 900 ° C kiln, strict control of the reaction and the resulting glaze color, to further enhance the visual performance of blue or bronze dial force. The last time before firing, and then coated with a layer of transparent enamel, so dial showing smooth texture of sparkling glass, floral patterns make more clear and easy to see.