The Comparison Between Two Replica Rolex Day-Date Series Watches With Blue Dials UK

Blue is always the most fashionable color. The blue clothes can brighten your complexion,the blue flowers can represent romantic love,the blue sky and the blue sea can give you peace and good emotion. So blue has been used in more and more jewelries and watches to decorate people. The blue replica watches are more eye-catching and distinctive than other colors’ watches. Today,I will recommend two blue watches from Rolex and make a simple comparison between them.

Firstly,I choose the fake Rolex Day-Date 228206 watches with 40mm diameters. The Rolex Day-Date watches are popular among many different groups. The watches which I recommend use the quite precious and valuable materials:platinum. The blue dials become the most striking design of the watches. The whole watches can let you feel smart and cool. The president bracelets have become a unique design in Rolex. No matter what your job is,whether you are a business elite or just an ordinary worker,the watches can do wonders for your personal charm.

Then,another watch also from the Day-Date collection,the reference of this watch is 118139. The white gold cases copy Rolex watches have the similar dials with 228206 watches. Both of the watches have used the platinum material. So from the aspect of the watches’ value,the two watches don’t have too many differences. But from the appearance of the watches,there are many differences. The 118139 watches are equipped with 36mm diameters and blue leather straps. The blue straps combined with the blue dials very perfectly. Moreover. The 118139 watches have fluted bezels,but the 228206 watches have the smooth bezels.

In a word,the function and performance of the two watches may not have many differences,after all,they are from the same collection. The first watch I have introduced is more suitable for those formal occasions,and the second watch can be wore in daily life. Every watch lovers should select the most suitable fake Rolex watches according to your real needs.

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