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— The multiple World Champion stand-up paddle surfer Kai Lenny has organised a special children’s day in Hawaii, with support from Replica TAG Heuer Watches & DFS.

On the 27th of July, Kai Lenny, the ultra-gifted American six-time World Stand-Up Paddle Champion on the planet’s largest waves, has organised a charity day based around surfing for and with children, with his +Positively Kai Foundation, and with support from Swiss Replica Omega watches brand TAG Heuer and his partner DFS. It was a wonderful opportunity for TAG Heuer to renew its support to its brand ambassador.

The +Positively Kai foundation, created in 2015, aims to support a selection of foundations each year which have been set up to increase respect for the ocean and environment amongst young people and raise their awareness of safety issues. For this special event, the work of the Nā Kama Kai (Children of the Sea) Foundation has been chosen, which is represented by the Surf Champion Duane DeSoto, who joined Kai for the day. A donation of 10,000 USD organised by TAG Heuer and DFS will go directly to future actions aimed at children in the archipelago.

Duane DeSoto and Kai Lenny.
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The day held three very special moments: Firstly, as with any good day on Hawaii, it started with a spot of surfing. Kai Lenny took all the children to Waikiki Beach for some surfing lessons and a short demonstration. Next, as you would expect from an engaging, anti-conformist personality such as Kai’s, he wanted photographers to immortalise a quirky moment with his board. This is the cool disruptive side of Kai, and this is why TAG Heuer has chosen him as he reflects its slogan #DontCrackUnderPressure: do things seriously… but without taking anything too seriously. To end the day, everyone met up at the T Galleria Waikiki for a Hawaiian cocktail-themed evening. More than a hundred guests came to meet Kai Lenny and Duane DeSoto, who were both happy to share their passion and values.

Kai Lenny on a surf simulator installed in the atrium of the T Galleria Waikiki.
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