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Just Replica Watches UK — In this year of crisis/recession/transition, as is it labelled according to individual degrees of optimism, certain words are doubtless swirling around in the minds of most CEOs. Words that instil a climate of thoughtful reflection, caution or perhaps even anxiety. WorldTempus put them to Peter Stas, CEO of the Frédérique Constant group, who responded in his characteristically transparent manner.

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Yes and no. Many are fearful and predicting the worst, but such an attitude reflects a short memory. What we are going through bears no comparison with 2009. That was a real disaster: just before the fall of Lehman Brothers, we had reached a +18% annual growth rate. After the crash, we began losing 8 to 10 points… per month and wound up at -16%. Nothing like is happening right now, at least not as far as we’re concerned.


No, not for us. Have I considered such a move? Yes. It’s my duty to do so, but we don’t need to part with anyone. Our growth has been slowed, but it’s still there. Implementing reduced working hours is not a measure I approve of. Having someone spend another two days at home after the weekend and then returning to work when others have been on the job meanwhile can be psychologically very destabilising and even harmful. I don’t want that for our company.

Double figures?

Ah, the myth of double-digit growth! We will not achieve that this year. It was part of our goals, but we won’t manage it, instead probably finishing the year at 2%.


The Horological Smart cheap replica watch was of course our biggest launch. The models already hit the boutiques this summer. Since June, we have produced around 22,000 of them and we will easily meet our goal of 40,000 units for this first year.


The Horological Smartwatch.
© Frédérique Constant

A model with paid on-demand services?

Not for the time being on our Smart fake watches, but we are working on it. We might for example consider Premium services for some of our customers who are interested, such as personalised coaching, training or running programmes, etc. It’s definitely on our road map as an additional service alongside a free standard offer.


That is indeed the latest service to be imminently activated on the Horological Smartwatch. It should be online from late September onwards. We are going to rely on the tried and trusted Amazon cloud located in the United States.

Private data?

I know exactly what you mean, namely the whole question of data production for our customers within an American cloud governed by American legislation. We anticipated this question and have perfectly secured the legal perimeter of this data with our lawyers in Zurich. There is absolutely no data that could be passed on to a third party from our partner application, MotionX, without the specific consent of its owner.


We’re already on it. What I can already say is that we are working on a reduced-size version of our connected module, which will enable us to achieve far smaller diameters. The smallest Horological Smartwatch models by Alpina are already a mere 39 mm, and we should be able to trim that to 33 mm.

Growth areas?

Hard to say. As far as the BRIC countries are concerned, there is little or no growth, or else we are faced excessive export taxes, such as in Brazil. However, here again we must remember what’s happened in the past. I recall that exactly 20 years ago, in 1995, we were selling absolutely nothing in Russia, zero Swiss replica watches. We all know what’s happened since. In the same way, there will be better tomorrows after the current situation, in Russia as well as in China. On the other hand, things are looking rather complicated in central Europe at the moment, perhaps more so than in Africa where a middle class is emerging and where we will gradually be able to stake a claim.

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Peter Stas
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