Replica Richard Mille Watches UK Tribute to Jules Bianchi

— Cheap Replica Richard Mille pays tribute to the young pilot, who was far more than a partner.

«My dream, together with that of my friend Nicolas Todt, Jules  Bianchi’s manager, was to support him on his way to the summit of his career, and assist him in his personal dream of becoming a world champion; in the unanimous opinion of the racing world, he was widely acknowledged as possessing the ambition, talent and vision to achieve this Replica Breitling goal.

Like all great champions, his dream shaped his life and every waking moment. For us, his family, friends and followers, his passing is felt as an injustice, because Jules has left us, and we are now unable to accompany him in the realization of his dream.

Like all athletes that we support, we live not only in solidarity with the rhythm of their successes, but also their failures and battles – nonetheless it was impossible for us to even imagine living through such a tragedy as this. We had momentarily forgotten how dangerous motor racing could be, since we were obsessed, as was Jules, by performance and the ambition to achieve the ultimate Replica Omega UK result.

Our family circle is now missing an essential link, and lies shattered and broken, even though we knew that the state of our friend was irreversible. Now, all that is left for us is to devote ourselves to the memory of this loyal, intelligent, gentle, humble, unselfish, and in every way endearing friend, whom we miss terribly and loved as a son, a brother. »