Just Replica Watches Sales 2015 Reuge Christmas

Just Swiss Replica Watches — Reuge invites you to its Christmas Sales 2015 in its traditional building. 2015_Replica Watches

The completion of the new Reuge factory is slightly delayed. Therefore the famous manufactory of mechanical music boxes and singing birds from Sainte-Croix will move only in the first half of 2016.

This will however allow to have a very last Christmas Sales in their traditional building. There will be music boxes starting at CHF 50, singing birds as well as some 20 pocket Replica Watches For Sale from the last century. A small attention, an emotional family gift starting a heritage, a customized company gift and collections items: everything can be found.

Address :
Manufacture REUGE
Rue des Rasses 26
1450 Ste-Croix

Opening hours : Fake Watches UK
Saturday December 12 : 09.00-17.00
Sunday December 13: 10.00-17.00
From Monday December 14 to Friday December 18 14.00-17.00

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