Replica UK Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7

Best Replica Watches — Harry Winston presents the seventh consecutive model in the Histoire de Tourbillon series.


Harry Winston reveals its seventh edition of the tourbillon complication. After having explored its variations – biaxial, triaxial, double or coupled with a carrousel – Harry Winston surpasses all technical limits once again with Histoire de Tourbillon 7 and its two biaxial tourbillons.

The right side of the dial features a pyramid-cut reading area that houses the hour and minute hands. It is surrounded by indexable inserts that form a tilted three-dimensional hour circle. Extended by a long strip in either red aluminum or anthracite, depending the version, perforated for a better view of the two biaxial tourbillons, it overlooks a power reserve indicator in roll form that is flush with a domed sapphire crystal.
The left side of the dial displays the two biaxial tourbillons. The first tourbillon cage moves into a second cage and both turn on a different axis. The two biaxial tourbillons move the escapements of the Histoire de Tourbillon 7.


Histoire de Tourbillon 7, red version. © Replica Watches UK Just

The Histoire de Tourbillon 7 is a striking example of mechanical complexity and technique. The tourbillon’s first cage completes its rotation in 45 seconds and houses a balance wheel that is tilted 30 degrees. The tourbillon and the balance wheel remain housed in the second cage, which has a different trajectory, as it lasts 75 seconds. The two cages nested one inside the other, assume an infinite variety of positions relative to gravity – the nemesis of timekeeping.
The two tourbillons have their own behavior, due to their different positions in space. To reconcile the operation of these two rotating time-regulating bodies, the Histoire de Tourbillon 7 uses a spherical differential that optimizes performance, by connecting the two tourbillons and creating an average. The Histoire de Tourbillon 7 leverages the accuracy of two exceptional tourbillons and extracts the best performance.


Histoire de Tourbillon 7, anthracite version. ©  Harry Winston Replica Watches

The Histoire de Tourbillon 7 is a sophisticated interpretation of a high complication movement, the result of exceptional attention to design. The case, made from white gold, has a 50 mm diameter and polished bezel. It features an opening in unique proportions to expertly showcase the dance of the biaxial tourbillons.
The crown is guarded by the iconic Harry Winston logo – three arches that represent the entrance to the House’s legendary Fifth Avenue flagship salon in New York. The case body has a satin finish and the short and plunging lugs are accented with a diamond bezel.

Every piece in the Histoire de Tourbillon Collection demands hundreds of hours of work in order to achieve perfection from every angle. The manual finishing of these tiny pieces is incredibly difficult and requires incomparable thoroughness. The bottom plate and bridges of this movement are made of titanium.
This material is necessarily strong but conveniently light weight and low maintenance. Notably, it is only 17 mm thick, a feat when considering the height required by each biaxial tourbillon.

Only 20 of the Histoire de Tourbillon timepieces will be released: 10 pieces for the red version and 10 pieces for the anthracite version.

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