Explain Differences Between UK Novel Fake Rolex Datejust Watches And The Authentic

When putting the real watches together with the high imitation watches, if you don’t carefully study them, you won’t easily find the differences. Very popular for sale, the Rolex watches have lots of fashionable Rolex fake watches online stores. Don’t you want to know the differences? In the following part, I’ll explain it by taking the Rolex Datejust knock-offs as the example.

For real Rolex watches, they are made of the 18k yellow gold material. On the contrary, to fit the low price, the steady replica Rolex Datejust watches forever apply the gold plating. To ensure the best quality and great durability, more and more replication watches adopt the double plating technique so that the luster seem more similar to the genuine gold. Moreover, the particular craft also guarantees the perfect stability of golden luster, and the cost is higher than the simple plating on the metal material.

Compared to the original Swiss self-winding movements inside the true Rolex watches, the copy watches for hot sale are installed with the automatic movements produced by the factory itself, so the power reserve is less than the original watches.

At the first glance, the popular duplication Rolex watches won’t be distinguished easily, and the appearance and performance are exquisitely created. If you offer them to watches enthusiasts to study, they will be seen through because they still possess differences.

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