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Tissot T-Touch watch
[Touch Technology, subversion “big four” top watch category –TISSOT T-Touch]
Traditional mechanical watchmaking has four top technology, namely rattrapante, calendar, three questions and tourbillon. Among them, rattrapante solve chronograph timing issue several times, calendar solve problems adjust the calendar leap year February, the three asked to solve the problem is not the era of electric light at night knowing the time, while the tourbillon is caused by gravity to solve walking problems bias.
This function just stretch out a four years, hundreds of hundreds of parts will spend countless hours watchmaker, if several major functions twenty-two together, and that the watch must be one million yuan level. Until then the Japanese invented the multi-functional electronic form, with a night crystal screen to solve all these problems, but it has also been plagued by cheap and not clear when reading the question. In 1999, Replica Tissot Watches launched the T-Touch watch, it has a traditional watch that pointer, but also has an LCD screen electronic table even more amazing is that it functions by finger touch the screen to switch the function of a particular area is complete, you know, still a popular touch screen phone is a decade later began to spread, we can see how much time ahead of Touch. After a decade of development, now the Tissot T-Touch has evolved Expert measured altitude mountain range, the measured pressure Pilot flight series, world time zone switch Navigator travel series, SEA-Touch dive series, can be timed separately Racing -Touch racing series, SailingTouch sailing series with a gun and a countdown and dress models of Classic classical series, no matter what sport you love will be found here for your Touch, if you really love the table, let those delicate mechanical Swiss replica watches it away from the stadium.