Cartier Watches – Rotonde De Cartier

Rotonde de Cartier watch features advanced complex called a real feast watches: from 578 parts, after five years of research and development, production workshops 15 weeks, 10 weeks modification crafted, assembled five weeks. It also witnessed the miracle between the least bit: its self – winding movement thickness of only 5.49 mm, along with the Advanced tab of the most prestigious of the three complex functions.

Three complex functions incarnation challenges
At the same time set a watch on three repeater, perpetual calendar tourbillon with three floating complex functions requires several unique skills mastered. Replica Cartier Watches watchmakers workshop display extraordinary talent, to create a pleasant chime sound perfectly clear, comprehensive and sophisticated calendar perfectly accurate travel time.
Three repeater: visible, clear and precious tone
Three repeater is considered one of the most difficult areas of advanced watchmaking complication: through its magical and complex mechanisms, the time scale is converted into musical sounds, the wearer needs to be brought listening enjoyment.
Three repeater 9406 MC-type movement mechanism reflects the more extreme innovation Yazhuo Cartier watchmaking, with two major attractions: the gong and hammer are clearly visible on the dial; inertia flywheel governor separated bridge table, become veritable “flywheel.”
In addition, this section uses the Replica Watches UK movement is also special mechanism called “no failure” of. This important technical improvements to avoid three repeater function is activated is not complete, ensure the accuracy of timekeeping.
Through in-depth study of acoustics, Cartier master watchmakers to create a harmonious sound and melodies of mystery, giving elegant platinum case with unique sound full, clear clear, soft and sweet.