Cartier 9618 MC-type Movement Workshop Boutique

1967: a legendary watch Cartier watchmaking history is written, this unexpected and pleasant encounter, is the Crash watch.
2014: With the launch of Crash skeleton watch, Cartier created the brand has a shaped movement –9618 MC-type movement, since opened a “mechanical Legend” (Mechanical Legends) series prologue. The series achieve a high level of dual requirements, the success of the special shape of the case and the same style of movement combined.
The birth of the legend
1967 coincided with the golden age of “Swinging London” wave, can be imagined, was born in this year’s Crash Replica Watches, naturally carries a restlessness that active and eclectic liberal era. So unique Cartier watches from the hands is not surprising, in hip-hop and pop art to subvert the traditional slapstick era dogma, when passionate and emotional styling watchmakers overflowing with such rebellious thoughts encounter, it is the crystallization of the collision Crash watch.
In the name of freedom of creativity
Today, Cartier twisted design is no longer limited to the case, but extends to the entire gold movement, through the integration of their “strike” after the structure and shape distortion of the case. As a sculptor shapes, Replica Cartier Watches strictly follow their own philosophy: the limitations of both for the limit is also a guideline, everything are all a source of inspiration. After careful consideration of the overall design of the movement is made, once again challenging technical skills and achievements in watchmaking. Completely exaggerated hollow dial Roman numerals distorted occupy, transparent design allows the movement operation at a glance. The support of the movement, it is these numerals.

Cartier 9618 MC-type workshops refined manual winding mechanical movement
Roman numerals indicate the bridge-shaped hollow form of hours and minutes
Movement Dimensions: 171/4 x 91/2 fractionation, namely 37.9 x 20.2
Movement overall dimensions: 38.5 x 21.2
Thickness: 3.97 mm
Ruby bearings: 20
Movement of parts: 138
Balance wheel vibration frequency: 28,800
Power reserve: about 3