2015SIHH IWC Portuguese series celebrating

Gala dinner with “Journey to the Stars” as the theme, the mystery surrounding the timing of the start while in-depth exploration of the IWC Watches most proud family –IWC Portugal series delicate and sophisticated. Since 75 years, IWC Portuguese series has been a symbol of sophisticated watchmaking. “No other series like IWC Portuguese series, as the culmination of so much of a blend of advanced watchmaking technology.” Mr. Georges Kern IWC Chief Executive Officer emphasized that, “IWC Portuguese series with many advanced features and sophisticated complex movement has been a brand Over the years a symbol of exquisite watchmaking. On the occasion of 75th anniversary of IWC Portuguese series occasion, we will celebrate the birthday of this watch collection has a classic style of. ”

Dressed in black, “Times Herald” who pedal electric scooter from. They are surrounded in the famous Beijing Red Poppy Percussion woman with a strong movement carefully watch movement simulated rhythm. This woman percussion performances at the Olympic Games has its shock over the world, in order to Replica IWC Watches evening’s feast flew to Switzerland from China. Stardust flying on the beam colorful stage, Japan Enra dance dancers play them learn from martial arts, classical ballet and dance in the skills and experience to perform lifelike surface qualities of precision Replica Watches excellence. Then, Simply Red frontman Mick Jaco Canal off the dinner climax. He sang the band’s 1991 hits “Something Got Me Started”, infected with the presence of each and every guest. “I am honored to being in such a starry night IWC big family. I once again together with the IWC had a wonderful night of the festival, and we are pleased to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the birth of IWC Portuguese series.” double Oscar winner Christoph Waltz said. Dinner Finally, the famous DJ Jack E from Saint-Tropez, France for international guests who run the party’s most popular new song, for the star-studded night drew satisfactory sum.